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Protect Your Child with the Right Vaccinations

Make sure your child has the ability to fight off diseases with vaccinations from Northeast Pediatrics, LLC. You will be able to give your kids the chance to avoid dangerous illnesses and grow up healthily.


If your family is new to Northeast Pediatrics, LLC, please view all the new patient information we have available and fill out all the necessary paperwork before your first visit.

  • 1 month: Hepatitis B

  • 2 months: Pentacel  (combination of DTaP, Hib, Polio)  RotaTeq,

           And Prevnar.

  • 4 months: Pentacel, Prevnar and RotaTeq.

  • 6 months: Pentacel, Prevnar and RotaTeq.

  • 9 months: Hepatitis B (last dose).

  • 12 months: Prevnar,  Varicella, and blood tests for lead and anemia

  • 15 months: Hib And MMR.

  • 18 months: DTaP And Hepatitis A.  

  • 2 years: Hepatitis A and a blood test for lead and anemia

          5 years: DTaP, IPV, MMR And Varicella.

  • 11 years: Adacel, Menactra, and  HPV vaccine.

Keep your children's vaccines up-to-date